Tuesday, 17 June 2008

High School/Sixth form college

With weeks now till the end of term, Emily is getting ready to make the move to high school. We have a series of parent meetings, visits to the school and a shopping day for uniforms to get through. Before she starts in September there are the summer holidays....and before the end of term, the school production of GREASE in which Em plays the Headmistress. Can't wait for that!

Adam has finished his academic life at school and is currently in Devon with friends. The term officially ends in a few weeks. He starts college in September. New freedoms and big changes for all.

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Hong Kong Merretts said...

If Adam fancies either the construction industry or the more fluffy bunny world of marcoms, feel free to send him our way. We'd look after him. Alternatively he may want to do what every gap year student wants: go to Thailand and get laid/stoned ...