Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Light in the sky

Driving home tonight via the supermarket I was thinking about how much I love to drive and what a not so good thing that is. The cost of fuel is so high here, there are complaints all the time of a local cartel. Only a few miles down the coast the prices are much, much lower. Not only that, the government plans to increase the fuel duty so we could pay 5p more per litre at the pump in a few months time. It is time to embrace walking to work. Great exercise, free and good for the environment. But it also means schlepping along with changes of shoes, lunch boxes and sometimes gym gear....mmmm.

The other thing I was thinking as I unpacked the shopping was that it was still light. The western sky was yellow, there were birds everywhere, singing, enough light for a last minute forage for some of them. The house felt almost too warm for this spring-like evening.

I am hoping for another sunny day tomorrow, my day off. I want to get my first raised bed into some sort of shape ready for the new season. I will take a photo of it when it is done....

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