Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Back from the snow

Han-solo is back from her snowy trip to Norway. She loved it and has lots of photos to remember it by.
We are now getting ready for BJ to go away, this time to the States. This month is a busy one for travelling.

For Christmas I was given a MAC make-over voucher and tomorrow is transformation day! (Given that the session is about an hour, there will be a limit to what they can do.) But I hope to learn some of the tricks and would love to be able to do more than the lippy + mascara = made up equation. I should take the camera.

Continuing with the crochet and a little seed of an idea is in my head. My hairdresser was here last night and she thinks it should be a box. I like it. That is the challenge. Boxes I have done before and baskets, but this one I would like to line...

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