Monday, 31 January 2011

Last day

I have blogged for 31 days...yipppee. Pem asked if I was going to give up now, but no, that is not the plan. I may not be on here all the time, but we will see.
I wanted to show you some things that have been going on:

Firstly, I sent an email to my local MP, Nicholas Soames, about educating children about money management and how dangerous things like credit cards can be in lulling us into a false sense of economic security, because on the whole, we do not understand, or ignore the pitfalls, of living in hock! The email was generated by moneysaving, one of my fav sites and one I subscribe to. The result of the email was...

A letter from the man himself, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, but not quite the man his grandfather was! Nice to get a letter, but he can't help me, he says..

Then, the other day I saw this at one of the local charity shops:
An absolutely beautiful African woven basket. It took me back to my childhood and Big J too, remembers them from his days in Kenya. I like that we have an African connection, even if we were on opposite sides of the continent.

And finally, this is what I have been up to of late, inspired by Attic24 and against my pledge not to embark on more projects. It is a bag or could be for storage. I wanted to work in colours and as I do not have a huge range, made do with those I have. It is cheerful and great fun to work on, but what am I going to do with it? Any ideas?

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