Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Have a look at this, if you like colour.
I sat and looked through the photos on Flickr last night and was mesmerised. Inspiring. But, I am trying to SLOW DOWN a little and not take on lots of new projects. My brain is full of ideas, but the result is a frustrated me because there is not enough time. I work, parent, taxi, blog, workout, do house things, cook, shop, am about to launch into the spring growing season, ebay and I have my HUGE Hawaiian quilt to complete. So, I have promised myself that I will work on finishing the things that need to be done, will find a bit of slow time for me and be patient. There will be time.
There will be, and sooner than I would wish for. This morning I said goodbye to Han-solo, who has gone to Norway for a week. She had loads of layers and furry boots which should keep her warm. I hate saying goodbye to them and get more anxious as the days wear on. But they have their lives to get on with and it is my job to let them do that.

It is Australia Day today, and I was going to make Lamingtons, but the pig to twig regime does not permit such things. Might have some raspberries instead!

This evening there are only two of us. Bowl-Head and me. We went to Tesco's in the nearest town and then Mama went to Body Combat and really worked it. Now back home with my littlest girl, we have chosen the meal for tomorrow night and we are going to sit down and talk about her GCSE options.

My man comes home tomorrow night. Han-solo has Facebooked me from Norway and Buffalo Clive is coming home on Friday. All is well.

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