Saturday, 15 January 2011

Celebrate celariac

Tonight we try mashed celariac, the knobbly root of the vegetable world. With a name which sounds sinisterly close to "celery", most in this family shuddered at the thought.
It smells like a combination of parsnip, turnip and celery. Lovely! Will let
you know how it goes.

Big J and I may go and see the film 'Burlesque' tonight if we can get tickets. I love the idea of burlesque, the clothes, the dancing, the look...that pre-war hair and make-up and those elegant if severely cut clothes.

ONE DAY, when I get my sewing machine I want to make some vintage vogue dresses. I have one already, which I wore to my wedding. It is gorgeous.

Forgot to mention that house cat Bosley has been in another fight and has bloody cheeks and a scabby matted forehead. We bathed his wounds and he purred the whole time...he loves attention, even when it hurts!


Liz said...

What a hit that meal was... The recipe will follow later.

What a movie that Burlesque was!!

Synopsis: Single small town girl goes to LA, walks into Burlesque bar, is wowed. Gets job as lowley waitress. Takes a change to audition and gets job as dancer. Rival pulls wires on her dance, so she sings the rest.....becomes famous. Loves guy behind bar, rich guy fancies her. Club about to be sold to developers, (rich guy). She saves the day and gets her man.
Cher - one facial expression and a lot of murky pink glittery makeup throughout. One obligatory belted out number in skin tight trews and thigh high boots. Very out of context.

Christina - voice to shake the rafters, great dancer, fab body. Should stick to singing.

Costumes - gorgeous and small!
Dancing - brilliant
Continuity - inconsistant! The bar went from being a modest little place to one with a tier with boxes to watch the show from.
Definately a DVD film when there is nothing else to do.

Karen Thomas said...

I will keep "Burlesque" on the DVD list then - if nothing else for the costuming! I haven't heard the word "trews" in year - it is not used here. Don't know if you know, but I do vintage reproduction outfits for a long time client of mine - she is a vintage dancer. You may be able to see some of the outfits via Facebook she is on my friends list MarieJo Dulade-Coclet and is a 72 yr old French woman - very interesting as she has a fashion and art history background (worked at the Met, plus under one of Diors seamstresses early on)so I am gettin gmy fashion history lessons as well.