Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mussels and Mackerel

Pem and I shared a bowl of fresh mussels tonight, she had hers with frites, and then we had a grilled mackerel each. It was a rare chance to sit across the table from each other and make a big mess over the meal. Very nice.

Han-solo has been in touch to say there is a lot of snow and that the houses are really colourful. She seems to be having a great time. At break time the kids sledge and snowboard on a slope beside the school.

I am nearing 4 weeks of temperance and am looking forward less to the odd glass of wine than to adding a bit more variety to the diet.

Icy cold here today with snowy showers. John will be home at about midnight. He had his coffee dregs read while in Turkey and says that it was interesting. He will give me the details later.

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