Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rites of passage

There are many rites of passage in life, some major and some quite small, but no less significant at the time. One for 1st daughter today.

Han-solo wanted contact lenses although we made her wait until she was 16. The first fitting today ended with a torn lense and half still in her eye, so she is going back next week to try again. She has pretty poor eyesight, so was actually delighted to have the lenses in and to be able to see her own face without glasses on. It was when she was practising putting them in and taking them out herself that the lense split. The optomotrist had to remove it.

She and Em (aka Bowl Head, thanks to big brother... I much prefer Pems.) and I were in Tunbridge Wells today. Mainly to use some of the gift vouchers they got for Christmas. I like shopping with them, although I usually end up saying something is nice to moans of 'Mu---um, it's disgusting....'

As we were driving there I was thinking how glad I am to have had them with me all their lives. Admittedly, I have always worked, so have missed out on some events, but at least they are with us, and not in boarding school. I was at school from the age of 9 until I went to uni and so in fact, really never lived full time with my parents again from a very young age. School was great on many levels and at one point I thought it was best for all kids. I feel so differently now. These two will be leaving one day and I want to enjoy having them here while I can.

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