Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New people - new places

Big J's friend is awesome. That is a good word for her. Heavily involved in charity work, fluent in Japanese, actively promoting all things Japanese in the UK and now looking to work in India on a long term project that will involve microfinance. It is always a priviledge to meet people who are simply doing what they do and getting on with it. Inspiring.
From a delicious meal, we, BJ and I went walking. I love to do it in London. I feel there is so, so much of the city that I am ignorant of. Today we went to Covent Garden. A first for me and it was fabulous.

I met this lady, Penny Burdett, at her stall selling the most stunning knitted scarves, fingerless gloves and hats. The scarves are on her website.

A trip to a restaurant supply shop netted us a new spatula!, and one to 'Arigato', a Japanese supermarket, resulted in NATTO, miso soup bowls and some miso soup for home. Natto is fermented, sticky soya beans. A bit pongy and old cheesy in smell and taste, but a bit favourite with the girls.

We also went to the Curzon Cinema in Soho, one of BJ's favourite haunts, and it is really a great place to have a break when in town.

A lovely day and home before tea.

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