Saturday, 8 January 2011

Girl Friends

Leaving Japan meant leaving behind my dearest friend. She was with me through thick and thin, she used to make me tonjiru (pork and tofu soup - it is heavenly) and rhubarb crumble when I stopped eating, which was my reaction to severe stress and was a meal she made more than once for me when my marriage ended. She listens like no-one else and is an absolute hoot to hang around with.
This morning I walked into town to have coffee with two of the women I have made friends with since being at the hospital; one whose marriage has ended recently in a particularly painful way, (all endings are different, and there are some I would not want to have). It is a girl thing, rallying when one is down and being there for the hard parts and meaning it when we say that they can call anytime and we will do what we can to be there. It is good to be able to be there for someone else.

Big J and I have a date tonight, we are off to see The King's Speech. Mmmmm, that Colin Firth is ok!

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