Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fairs and fish

The antiques fair was worth the trip in the mist and fog and I got to wear my aubergine coloured Hunters! (Wellington boots, but posh ones). Lots to see and to admire, lots more to wonder at.....had a few Kirsty Allsop inspired moments when I thought I could make something from what I was looking at. Came away with two pieces of paste that will make earrings and a long string of freshwater pearls...not antique, but I love pearls. I also bought a nice little cheese knife as we have been without one for a long time. I forgot to take my camera, very silly for a blogger!

For dinner I got 4 fat sleek makeral and we had a very Japanese meal. Bowl-Head (my lovely 2nd daughter!) made HORENSO NO GOMA AE....wilted spinach, soya sauce, toasted sesame seeds and a tiny bit of bonito stock, mirin and a pinch of brown sugar. All with steamed rice and seaweed sprinkles!
Big news is that we have booked the hotel and tickets for ROME.

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