Saturday, 1 January 2011

Time for change

It is awful not to blog when there is one waiting for posts. It is like starting a diary at the beginning of a new year and then letting it slide...all that guilt! Not only that, but the sad knowledge that things have been missed and not recorded. Bearing in mind that the recording is for the writer more than the reader...readers, if there are any left, may not care so much...
The fact is I have missed blogging and am about to have another go at it.

It just happens to be New Years Day 2011, but that is less important than the fact it is a holiday and I am relaxed and at home and have TIME to write.

This is an odd time of year and for the most part, while I enjoy certain aspects of it, it is stressful and fraught. I am a natural Scrooge and do not like that Christmas seems to be about excessive spending and splurging when in reality few of us need more in our cluttered lives. My favourite part is the planning of the meals, the cooking and the eating together. A happy group around a table eating and drinking makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Tonight is no different, when we all sit down to eat it will be for a fabulous leek and turkey pie with a chestnut pastry crust. It is a Jamie Oliver recipe and much loved in this house. See for yourselves at this link

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