Sunday, 16 January 2011

Eyore's cloud

There are times when a cloud of gloom develops inside me and unfortunately it lingers there, unwelcome and disturbing until it fades away. Not often and not for long, but this morning there was a grim little cloud lurking and it was not easy to shift. I always think of Eyore in Winnie the Pooh, he had his own little cloud above him, making him gloomy. That's how I felt today.

Lots of nice things happened today. Big J and I went to TWO garden centres. We got some seed potatoes, some seeds, including celeriac, some wooden borders for me to make my first, long wished for, raised bed in the vegetable patch. All jolly. Big J and I differ on most things and this was not good at first. Now we realise that we just have to muddle along and listen to each other and low! and behold, we tend to find away.

I cooked an amazing roast chicken. I talked to my youngest and had a laugh and am bouyed by the fact that she has been so cheerful all day and is getting along with her sister.

Han-solo and I went for a walk. We had hoped to borrow Poppy from across the road to take her for a walk. She is an affenpinscher (see picture) and we love her, but today she was already out, so we walked together.

It is a good chance to talk when one walks with children, although Han is no child. She is a very thoughtful young woman. She is trying to work out how she can study in Japan at uni level and whether that is really the path to take. Lots of research, lots of planning and lots of angst lie ahead. But for now, she is with us and that is good. Her younger sister harbours the same dream, infact she wants to move back and live there.

The walk did me good, I have a wonderful family. I have so much. More than enough to fade away the clouds.

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