Sunday, 9 January 2011

Crisp and even

The sun shone this morning and there was a heavy frost overnight so everything sparkled. One of those days when it is easy to think that winter is on its way out and we are in for warm weather. John and I set off for walk past the Gullage at Imberhorne Farm. We saw four squirrels, (not red ones), dozens of birds and some very mucky dogs out with their owners. We want a little dog, we talk about it all the time, but we have Bosley and it would be unfair to him to introduce a rival.
Sadly, John's calf problems worsened, he has been in a lot of pain and cannot walk on it for too long. He went home and I carried on and completed the walk alone.
Winter is not over yet, we have a while to go, but today was a lovely respite.

My parents called tonight. They are in Queensland, south of the major floods, but they too are now flooded in to their small village. They say it has rained since November. Grim.

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