Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chocolate dog

Have made a green Thai curry and been to the gym since work ended (early) today. Reacquainted myself with the rowing machine, not a happy reunion. Managed only a few minutes before I was huffing and puffing like an old hippo. This was after 40 mins of power walking so it is not end of the world stuff.

Someone wrote a comment on the blog and I was thrilled. I am off to the Ardingly Antiques Fair next week with a friend and am quite excited. I am on the lookout for something for the hallway and of course for my ebay sales. I am now also on the lookout for a woman called Polly and a chocolate (coloured) dog. Have a look at her blog. What a fabulous way to live!

Jamie Oliver has let us down today. The mango icecream I made tasted fishy! All that went into it was honey, yoghurt and frozen mango pieces with some lime juice....mmmmm. The blender is not fishy, so what could it be? Something I did?

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