Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fiddling around

This, my day off has been productive. Firstly I have been fiddling with the blog. To make it nicer to look at and hopefully more interesting. Not easy but worth perservering with. The blogs I follow are so beautiful to look at, always inspiring.
The fish (now called Gaspar after years of being nameless) has cloudy water and that worried me. The local fish shop is well known and they gave me some good advice when I raced down there this morning. The fish may not rejoice as much, as his food is to be limited for some time!
Another Jamie Oliver recipe for tonight, a meeting at the school for the upcoming trip to my day a trip from Toowoomba to Brisbane was just amazing and that was by bus, returning the same day!
Then a little browse/shop planned in the wool shop this afternoon to use up my gift vouchers. My crochet hook has been calling me.

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