Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

This is what the Han-solo's band played tonight at the Musician of the Year concert. It was great. She is so happy on the bass, but played her flute in a classical piece with as much enthusiasm. Step son, littlest daughter and I went to watch. The man of the house is in NY.

Today I did not gardern, in fact I did lots of admin and some food shopping with Step son. I also put together some clothes for the charity shops and felt pleased to be rid of some items that have been hanging in the cupboard for ages, unworn. To me at least, it looks as though there is more space in there.

I spoke to my artist sister in Rome about the imminent trip. It is so exciting and I am really looking forward to spending time with her, seeing where she is working, what she is working on and of course, the city itself.

My crochet box is nearing its final adjustments, pics to follow when the camera is charged. Inside it I hope you will see the latest little things I have been working on... Crochet is addictive. I need to keep off sites like flickr and the wonderful blogs that I follow that just glow with colour!

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