Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Growing up very fast

My girl Han told me today she would like to go solo to Italy. She is 17, she will be 18 in January. She has applied for a job that she can work the hours that suit her, she has her plant nursery seasonal job at Christmas and she wants to head off to Italy in the New Year to see an old friend. (Someone from days of yore in HK who is now studying there). I was amazed. At her age,  it never would have crossed my mind to save up for a trip to go away alone! She makes me proud. They all do. No decision has been made yet, we have to see if she gets the job and do a bit more research. I am still learning, as a mother, to listen to ideas and not decide right away. Things need time to gel, to be thought over, to be discussed. Solutions do have a way of presenting themselves if enough work goes into working out the issue.

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