Sunday, 2 September 2012

Slipping into September

It is now nearly Autumn. Japanese granny flew back to Tokyo yesterday with her FIVE jars of home made blackberry jam - all with the seeds squeezed out, and one pot of raspberry jam made with fruit from our canes. This year she did not get to pick sloes, so she preserved some of mine that were in the freezer from last year to take back to make a little gin! School and college loom (in good ways), big changes in the lives of some of us this Autumn. Adam in the recording studio, Big J in his new office and me striving for a sense of managable order in life!!  Hoping for more family time/meals and walks even!!
Back into training on the bike, although the gym workouts have continued and it is about time I charged up the camera battery again. This is a spectacular season for photography.

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