Sunday, 23 September 2012

This week

We had a graduation. Adam got his degree from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. How proud and happy were we.  A rare shot of us, am still in two minds about appearing in my blog!!

My Dad underwent surgery down under (in Australia) and came out perky and pleased. Still waiting to get results, but he remains positive and that is important. Mum sounds tired. She worries for all of us I think.

My nose got the all clear which is a big relief. How would one get used to a face they have known for 50 years that suddenly changes?

We went to see a David Bowie tribute band with the girls, who were the youngest members of the audience by MILES. Loads of nostalgic fun.

I have been ebaying all day - the weather demands it - and the fact that it is a free listing weekend! Hoping to make a killing, but will be happy just to get rid of things.

A roast is underway in the oven....something warming for this cold wet day.

And, it has been ages since any crochet (apart from the boob) has been on here, so here is the WIP that is Han's blanket. She choses the colours.....

It is so wide it takes ages to finish a row. I think I need to learn how to measure up my projects before starting them....


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crunchnrustle said...

Congrats on the graduation and on the nose news! A double celebration!