Thursday, 27 September 2012

The finger

Tonight I am crocheting a finger for my fab friend ANN who is celebrating a birthday on Saturday and who works in the hand team (reconstructive surgery). I am winging it as there is little time to get it done and there is no real design in mind. ANN is a very colourful lass and loads of finger images spring to mind.....but this one needs to be able to appear in public and not be noticed too much, which means it needs to be a polite finger!!!

At the same time thoughts are with another friend in Japan. She helped me find some of the items that are up on ebay this week....fingers crossed (LOL)!

Piccies later.


1 comment:

crunchnrustle said...

Will this be the first time that someone's been 'given the finger' and the giver won't be considered rude? Loved the boob by the way, now I can hardly wait to see this digit.