Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Selling my self

Don't you just hate trotting out all the old cliches when describing ones own work talents?  How dull, dull, dull, for the prospective selectors. I have been working at the application on-line today.  The section for talking about what I do now is taken verbotum from my current job description with one or two additions. Apparently, unless the format is used, one scores badly in the selection process. I am now onto the bit WHY do I want the job? It is hardly an all singing all dancing career move, but it is a very interesting job, to me at least. Do I come across as burning with passion and fire for it, or just point out why it appeals and why I think having me in the hot seat might not be such a bad thing? Tough call. This is only being advertised internally so that means that the interviewers will already know the interviewees - you'd think they would all like to forgo this hooha. Still...

It is so bitterly cold today that resume writing seemed almost like a nice way to spend some time. Does not help that Juno is killing her floppy dog that smells terrible on/at my feet with great relish and noise!

She had her last injection today. What a star. The clinic was packed and we had old wiry men and ladies with giant German Shepherds all cooing and clucking and aaahing. Even the vet gave her a little squeeze! She was on her lead and very keen to get to know one and all. But the trip home was a bit much excitement and I am afraid the rug in the back of the car got pooed on - just a tiny bit!!

Here she is this morning having attacked my gym bag and heaven knows where the stamps came from.

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