Sunday, 9 December 2012

Social life spins out of control!

It feels like it. Or maybe just life is spinning out of control!

For the birthday bake I made a dozen lemon and poppy seed muffins, a dozen carrot and ginger muffins and some chocolate beetroot brownies. Note the theme....yep... 5 a day. With all the mince pies and other stodgy rubbish some of us will be filling our faces with in the weeks to come, I thought we could do with more veg!!

Then is was all hands to the crochet hook and trimmings to finish up the decorations in time for Book Club on Friday night.

As mentioned before, the pattern came from lovely MATT and the yarn is Planet Penny's Cotton Club. The embelishments are my own and I was very pleased with them as I am not a naturally gifted embelisher.....

They were stiffened with glue and everyone got one to hang on their tree or where they see fit...
Tis the first time I think I have really made anything to give away like that.

Book club was a challenge. We all came dressed in the clothes of a country of our choice, with food and drink from that place. It was such a riot. We had French, Chillean, Greek, Scottish, Egyptian, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Russian party goers.  I got to wear my yukata (summer kimono) and took along some yakitori (chicken on a stick!!), some sake and some plum wine. There was so much yummy food it ended up being a rather decorous affair - for Book Club.

We have done some Christmas shopping, the tree is up and thrilling things like home insurance has been renewed at a saving on last year's.

This is a big week for me. I am applying for a new job in the same department. It is making me feel very nervous. I think I would like it and even be good at it, but the whole CV thing gets me tied in knots. I just hope I get an interview.

And finally. In the new year, I will be going back to Oz to see my dear old dad and mum. I think I need to see them soon.


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