Saturday, 22 December 2012

Winter Solstice

I love it. It marks the end of long dark days and the very slow beginning of more light. We are a long way from having more warmth, but cold and bright are fine by me.

Big J and I took Juno for a walk last night. There was a hazy moon and the occasional fuzzy star.

This morning it is pouring, but we have been out in the garden. Juno scratches the door to be let out now. She is on my lap growling quietly as a plane flies out from Gatwick (about 10 miles away.) I suspect the plane is less interesting than her own little growls and half hearted woofs. It seems like a practice session really. It now seems to have kicked off hiccups!

Today is about cooking, last minute shopping, gift wrapping and cleaning. EVERYTHING needs a good going over.

Big J has suggested a morning meeting to plan the day....hope he is feeling energetic.

Enjoy your run up to the holiday.

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