Saturday, 1 December 2012

and the frost lay all around

this morning it really is deep and crisp and even. The sun is not up yet, but Juno and I have been out on the grass twice. She is a funny thing. Despite being an outdoor dog at birth, she has taken well to a heated bed (hot water bottle with fluffy cover) and the living room carpet is her favourite place to roll around. This morning her bedding and hot water bottle cover went into the wash and new bedding was used. Well! She was not a happy girl. She 'dug' over the bed, completely rolled it and would not accept any of the covers on the bottle. They were all undone and discarded. In the end I found an old t-shirt to wrap it in that obviously smells just right as she is snuggled up having a snooze.

She is a lovely addition to the family. Despite the trail of wicker she has chewed off Bosley's bed, the blackened carrots she loves to bite, bits of loo roll centre, sticky tape, the mouse toy and her fluffy dog she leaves in her wake....

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