Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A day off

always means a lot. I have not been feeling great for the last couple of weeks and am looking forward to some solitude.

Having said that, solitude and being busy can go hand in hand. There are ebay parcels to send out, a puppy to go to the vet. (Fingers crossed we do not have a repeat performance of the last visit, what a horror!), a waitress uniform to be sorted out for Han who starts work this weekend and then there are the chores and planning for that ominous lurking cloud that is Christmas.

I plan to get my modest gifts for my incredibly fortunate immediate family (they have SO MUCH) on line, with cashback. Mother in law will be here at New Year and I will take her shopping. This is a far more challenging activity than it sounds. Nancy WILL NOT try anything on. We end up tussling over garments. I tend to win, but the fight is fantastic fun, so is she.

Christmas cards for loved ones overseas have to be sent off soon. My family is so far away and we do not do gifts. Only cards.

At work everyone gives everyone else a card. Last year I did not reciprocate beyond the confines of my team. I see them daily. We work hard, have lots of laughs, the occasional tear, and the even more rare moan (LOL).

So lots to do on my day the peace and quiet of an empty house.



Andrea at Apples and Pears said...

Hello Liz! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. It always helps to know that other people know what I am going on about. Depression is a beast and we all have to find our own ways out of it. Lovely to meet you in blog land and very happy I have found your blog! xx

Liz said...

You are welcome. The key thing is to know you are not alone.