Sunday, 25 November 2012

Home again, home again

I left home for Harrogate a crochet fanatic and have come back with one ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles!!!! At this point (no pun intended) crochet is my first love, but it was imperative that I crochet a scarf in the stitch that CB taught me. It is not going well. The last thing I knitted was when I was expecting Hannah. She will be 18 in January......but having unpicked it no less than 6 times, I cannot go back on the plan.

Anyway, we spent two days in away. Harrogate is a genteel town. Very pretty and home of Betty's where we had breakfast on Friday morning. (Luckily I had done a big rowing workout before hand....)

I enjoyed the show more for the exhibitions and displays than the shopping. There was a slight feeling of having seen it all before when it came to the items for sale.

But here are some of my favs.

Bones and juju dolls for the Queen from Alice in Wonderland

An adorable rhino with beaded ears and chin

and a lovely little mouse from Beatrix Potters The Tailor of Gloucestor.....

There was a distinct lack of crochet, it was odd. But it was lovely to be away. To be in a comfy bed, to walk around and look at the town and yesterday morning I took a long icy walk around the park in front of our hotel just to have some me time and to relish the sunshine, the frost, the happy dogs and rugged up runners.

I am home now, to a tiny bit of chaos, but it is home. It is lovely to have a day off - to get some things done.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.


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