Saturday, 10 November 2012

Peckish pooch

Here she is - momentarily distracted by a bowl of warm puppy food. Boy have we been on our toes today. She loved Hannah's old slippers SO much that H donated one to the Juno toy box. It has been thrashed around, growled at, chewed and slept on.

Bosley did NOT like the intrusion, but very grandly held his ground, snarled and spat and now little miss is less enthused about running at him. I am sure this is just the first of many skirmishes, but she seems to recognise that the mewling noise he makes is not friendly.

For such a little thing she make a huge amount of noise. A cross between a loud porcine squeal with some grunts thrown in and high pitched howl. This happens when she is put in the cage for her nap, the first time it was so bad I rushed to the internet to get some pup of ours before has ever sounded so terrible. Fortunately as she went back in after her various play sessions - she tires easily, she is only 7 weeks old - the length of squealing time shortened. She is now on her hot water bottle, fast asleep and soon John and I will be leaving her in the capable hands of the girls while we go off partying.....

She has made it to the puppy toilet once so far, and got loads of praise for that so she is doing well.

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