Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sleepless - and GIVEAWAY DAY

Up in the dark this morning because sleep was impossible. Not sure why, and no, it is not because we are going to collect JUNO a bit later on.

It is giveaway day and there is only one comment - so the skein of wool goes to the lovely J at crunchnrustle.  In the post on Monday J. xxx

Tonight we party at a friend's 50th and will leave the girls to puppy sit. Much preparation has been done, the cage is set up in the kitchen, old towels have been found, some chewy toys and for now, one fluffy one to snuggle up to. She has two new bowls as well as a blanket to cover her with.

I had plans to use my MAC make-over voucher (Christmas pressie last year and soon to expire) before the party today, to get lovely, but have decided to postpone the appointment so that I can spend time with the newest family member and help her settle in and to be honest - just enjoy the cuddles and playtime. Babies before beauty!

Pics to follow, not of the beauty - just the baby....... x


1 comment:

crunchnrustle said...

Yay! I won something! I'm really surprised that no-one else left a comment. Will have to use a real pattern this time...
I'm looking forward to reading all about your new life with Juno - I'm a sucker for dogs.