Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bulk cooking and a bit of baking

This weekend we went to visit our little girl, who was out of the kennel, with all her siblings, tumbling around. She is a lot bigger than some of her litter - rather chunky in fact. Han met her for the first time and it was love at first sight!  She is on solids now twice a day and has less time on her mother. Mum, Millie is being rested for longer each day. Having 7 pups has tired her out.

We start the task of naming her when all of us get together later on. I have some favourites.

Bindi - Aboriginal for ' little girl' and because she looks like she has a bindi on her forehead.
Dorrit (from Little Dorrit)

Mmmmm the others have ideas and it will go to a vote.

We also did a mammoth shop - after planning the menu - and I had a huge cooking session when we got in. I have made a meat base for a number of meals. One being  Bolognaise sauce, another mince with butternut pumpkin bake, and one more for chilli.

I bought 2 kg of chicken breast and cut the big ones in two, wrapped them all in batches of two and wrapped the 10 chicken thighs we bought in batches of two as well. For some meals I think we use too much meat in proportion to veg/rise/pasta - especially stir fries and other light meals. This way the chicken has been stretched out to almost double.

It was a solid couple of hours in the kitchen after dinner, but when it was all done, the surfaces, hob and sink wiped down, it felt GOOD.

Tonight is roast chicken and veg. Leftovers for lunch. Roast veg with a sprinkle of goats cheese and black pepper is delicious and it warms up well in the microwave at work.

We went to the Japanese school near Guildford today to drop off the girls and a Japanese friend of Hannah's that she met at college, for the annual Open Day. The girls usually call us to collect them some time after lunch and in the meantime, Big J and go to Guildford to potter. We got less pottering done this time as they called early, a bit disappointed about the turnout. (The weather was foul.)  We came home - and they are watching a particularly gory Japanese film on the laptop in the kitchen, while I write this. I did make us all a lemon and poppy seed cake for afternoon tea.....yum!

Tonight I crochet. It is so near the end now. I want Hannah's blanket done and on her bed so that I can start something new.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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