Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New mothers

It is always more scary with baby number one. Will I be ok? Will THEY be ok? Will I be a good mum? Will I know what they want? It takes a while for mum and baby to bond, to find their stride so to of the WORST things is the 'baby expert' who tells you all about how to do it the 'right' way (their way). Old wives tales, horrific methods of control, discipline and rules. (Sounds like how I was raised ---LOL)!

Let me tell you folks, it is the same with puppies. We brought our bundle home thrilled to have her and in the last 10 days I have been beside myself on more than one occasion. She is very young and bouncy and jumpy and mouthy. She is also happy to nip and sometimes growl. I have had people tell me all about their methods, their great dogs, as well as dogs they knew who were not up to scratch because they were not looked after or raised properly.

And there is more and it is even worse. Those who come to the house, pick her up and shake her and poke at her and get her so excited that she wants to bite. Then to be told when I try to calm her down and give her a breathing space in the kithen that she is still a baby and only playing.

All I want for this little dog is for her to have a good, happy life with a family who loves her. I asked a local expert for advice and came off the phone feeling worse. She said she was 'probably one of those puppy farm dogs' and that I should have gone to see the mother. Well we did, twice, and we saw granny and siblings and other dogs in family. She then told me that if she was reared for ratting then she might not make a good family pet. WATCH THIS SPACE!

She is very jumpy and needy, but she is almost toilet trained, can go to bed when asked....comes to her name and is perfectly happy to be interrupted while eating - she never growls then. And she is still only a baby and she needs lots of love.

So as a new puppy mum I am feeling bewildered while wanting to get it right. But I have to say this, nothing is nicer than a happy puppy face greeting me first thing in the morning.
Here she is in Bosley's bed this morning, with Bosley's mouse.......

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