Tuesday, 13 November 2012

So over it?

Shoot me for saying this, but our little four legged friend is SUCH a handful. She is willful, funny, very cuddly, naughty, inquisitive, active and really sweet. But nothing gets done. She has taken over the kitchen. It is strewn with toys - including such exciting ones as an empty kitchen roll holder! She is so fiesty and we are very aware that the biting has to stop. Tonight I really thought (after four nights being 'around' all the time) that maybe this was not such a brilliant idea....She was wriggling and biting and snarling and just being horrid in her own little puppy way. We are all clued up on the training and sometimes she responds and sometimes she doesn't......she is not even 8 weeks old, so she is doing fine! But it is a bit like the terrible twos. All noise and palava for very little reason.......
The loo training is going well though. She gets the potty thing most of the time and loves going out onto the patio to sniff around.
Tomorrow we see the vet and she will have her first needles. It is a chance to book her onto training classes and get some info.
I love her to bits, but it takes me back to baby days when baby needed something NOW and then got all whiney when they were tired and wanted a cuddle before going to bed.
She is on my lap now, where she loves to be at the end of a good tussle.
I am ready for bed too! x
I miss my crochet time at night....

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