Friday, 2 November 2012

Feel good factor

Morale is low at work of late. Lots of criticism, tidings of woe, threat of fines and for some poor souls what seems a bit like bullying.....So sad, as we have such a great job. I love it when the patients ask for me because 'she knows all about me'.  I love knowing that in a very small way we can help smooth their journey through their treatment by keeping them up to date, responding quickly, getting questions answered and even booking cars to bring them in.

By mid afternoon today I had hit a slump. Really quite a low. The plan was to go to the gym after work but it seemed wiser to stay on a bit later and plod through some of the work.

Big J phoned me and heard it in my voice and suggested we go and see SKYFALL tonight. And my lovely, lovely gym buddy and friend Gill encouraged me to go to the gym first.

So we did. Third time this week. We did a hard warm up then some weights and I managed to get on the rowing machine - I do love it - and give it a bit of welly. The difference it makes, just working ones body, not ones mind is phenomenal. I felt quite lively when I left.

Big J is mid cooking and has selected a very nice giner pork stir fry meal and I am having a little vodka and tonic apperitif. And I am feeling good.

I love this version of the song. Check it out. x

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