Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The New Year

is here.  It slipped in while I was asleep. I did not celebrate with my family. I took myself to bed, cross, teary and feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes a big weep just clears things up.  This morning the sun was shining and the sky was bright blue. It has been beautiful all day. 

Big J, his mum and I took Juno for her first walk on the farm tracks. People greeted us and we them with 'Happy New Year'. Many stopped to pat Juno, puppies are hard to resist. Lots of dogs gave her the once over too. It was a very happy walk.

Right now there is a goose in the oven, occasionally spitting and popping and sending out worrying clouds of smoke. Thank goodness a recipe on the 'Net did say they tend to be smokey, or I would have given up by now, convinced the kitchen was about to go up in flames.

Dada is here from Japan - he arrived this afternoon. The girls will have a week with him and we are all hoping that this weather continues for a few more days.

Tempting as it is to think about the year to come and to plan and hope, the best thing I can do for myself and all my lovely family is take one day at a time and make it count.



greenthumb said...

Hi just found our lovely blog, love you little puppy so very cute.

Liz said...

Thank you. Happy New Year.