Saturday, 5 January 2013

By George she's got it!

I got the job. Despite being very ill in the wee hours (still suffering today) the interview went well and a phone call last night confirmed that it was mine.

It means change. A move to a new office away from my fabulous friends/team. It means a lot to learn. I will be working with the Breast Cancer team, clinical and non-clinical staff. It means more responsibility and the challenge of that appeals. It may be a few extra hours a week, but the day off is not lost. The day off could become flexible, quite a nice thought.

Today I am alone again. The girls are in London with Dada, he flies back tomorrow. Adam is out. Big J is in Whitley Bay, catching up with work and friends.

I am not socially presentable in any way today. I have a nasty stomach bug and I need to be at home. Juno and Bosley are here with me. I would rather they see me than anyone else!



crunchnrustle said...

Fab news! Something to celebrate on the 16th!

Liz said...

Thanks. Really looking forward to our day out.