Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's been a while

as things have not been easy here for some tine now. As the sun streams through the window, spirits have been lifting and with lots of wonderful friends to talk to  and have a laugh with, (you know who you are) and some expert blogger's advice, things are looking a bit brighter!!

What has happened? A friend died young, of cancer. My Dad's cancer is back. Family life has not been running smoothly and much reflection has been necessary. However......

Doggy training continues. 6 visits to the tent of shame yesterday for barking at her classmates! But she is not a barky dog, it was all just so thrilling. Manners still an issue, again, she is little and she is learning. Love her to bits.

Socially very busy. We went to this:

New Brunswick Battle Of The Blues:
Crows Parliament + 3am

Friday 25th January 2013 from 7:30pm, until 11:30pm

About this event

Second stage of the The New Brunswick Battle of the Blues to find Britain's best emerging Blues talent, run in conjunction with the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Unsigned UK blues bands, duos and singer/songwriters were invited to enter. Winners will showcase at the world-renowned Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Sept 2013.

Big J's friend is in 3am. They did not win, but it was a good night.
We went to a friend's 60th and had a great night meeting new folk and catching up with old ones.
Off to see quilts at Ardingly today, and have been MADLY exercising....such a good thing to do when one is down....and every muscle aches, but that is good.
Have discovered MYFITNESSPAL as well and have been very good about food this last week. With only 51/2 weeks until I return to Australia - it was Australia Day yesterday good people - to see family, this great tool should help me dump a few pounds before getting there.
I have a crochet heart to finish for a birthday girl tomorrow and a little doggy coat nearly done....
But it is on with the wellies and off to the quilt show now.
Ciao x

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