Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Departure Eve

Talk about pull. I feel so pulled. Yesterday Em came home very bouyant and wanted to go running on Ashdown Forest. There was no way I could do it with my sore finger (seriously folks - it hurts and all that blood pumping through the old body would not help). So off we went with the dog. She ran and I walked and the dog ran between us and it was great. 

Today the finger was dressed by yet another awesome nurse. I want to be an awesome nurse...and then the lovely Dawn cut my hair. I am naturally silver and we have over the years gone from boyish, dark hair to silver ash blonde jaw length. I said to Dawn today I am becoming a different version of myself....an older one! 

Then Big J and I took the dog out onto the farm track. It was hot, but really nice. We always used to talk about having a dog and being able to go for walks together with it. We always loved walking, but it is true what they say, the dog walks its owners. She needs the outings and we have to take her. 

But my lovely, lovely daughter is not herself and it makes me weep. If there was anything I could do I would. 

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