Saturday, 12 July 2014

Squirrel bite saga - day three

They starved me this morning so I could go back to theatre under a general anaesthetic. It came as bit of a surprise, having thought all was well. Luckily when the consultant came round (one of my old team), he decided not to operate but to keep me in one more here I am. A quieter day, Big J and Celia B have been by.  The IV drip has been taken out and meds are now oral. And the tip of my finger can wiggle a bit.....very good progress. I may just crochet a stitch or two tomorrow, just to see how it feels!
If I can keep awake I might watch the World Cup!


Jay said...

Oh my goodness I've just caught up, can't believe they admitted you but I guess it's best to be safe! What a pesky animal, I would have done the same and tried to catch it. And friends came to visit and brought you nuts?? Oh dear now I'm laughing!
I hope they let you home soon, take care and thanks for your comment about the haircuts, I still don't know what to do with mine.

Liz said...

Just make sure you leave those rats alone if they are still about. A rat is just like a squirrel without the fluffy tail!