Thursday, 10 July 2014

Squirrel attack

Tonight I am an inpatient in the hospital I left yesterday.
Hard to believe, but today at lunchtime while visiting my friend Celia B with Juno, I got badly bitten. Juno found a squirrel under the patio and did what came naturally, gave chase. The squirrel looked a bit weak and wobbly and I worried it was ill/diseased. It managed to get up a tree but kept falling off.  It eventually fell among some potted plants and rather than have Juno rip it to pieces, I grabbed it by the back of the neck planning to flick it away.... It turned and latched on to my finger. Those teeth went deep, very deep and I could not get it off. Celia B's hubby came to my aid with no luck. I could hear crunching sounds!!! Eventually B hit it, three times, and it let go. I bled all over the patio and felt a bit faint. Poor squirrel was indeed ill and B took care of it swiftly. He then brought me to QVH to Minor Injuries. I expected a quick wash out and maybe a jab. Four hours later after an X-ray, debridement and washout I was admitted for ONE to TWO days for IV antibiotics and to make sure there is no damage to the joint and tendons.
Not one person has managed to keep a straight face about this. I have had people bring me nuts! Em made story board on snap chat for her mates. It is all over Facebook....I will never live this down! But I was trying to save the little bugger.
So here I am in a side room and Big J's iPad - he has been with me most of the day, bless him, waiting for the next infusion....will keep you posted.


carvingtimefromlife said...

I checked FB and yes, it looks like you'll never live it down but I reckon it rates higher than the rabbit! xx

Liz said...

Lol xx

Gill said...

Personally I would never go near a squirrel - they're vicious little s**s !!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Liz said...

Thanks Gill. Have learned the hard way. Never want to see teeth like that again. They were so dirty!