Monday, 12 January 2015

Bums, bits and a baby blanket

Into week two in the outpatients department and it has been quite a ride so far. Bum clinics (as the consultant calls them) and the wonders of the proctoscope, gynecology and vascular clinics, ENT, surgical, bariatric and elderly patients. It has been a whirlwind of learning, hand holding, asking questions and being shown the internal workings of the wonderful human body. I got to see a wound sutured as well. 

Still loving it, but am finding the drive to this placement a challenge. I LOVE driving. I only got my licence when I turned 40 and it changed my life. (When we moved to the UK I had two goals, one to drive in London - WHY you ask - it is a nightmare in most places for cars. But it was because it is a big difficult city and I just wanted the confidence to be able to do it and I am doing it now. The other goal was to drive in Europe and this has been done. In Spain, France, Northern Cyprus and last year the girls and I took Japanese granny to Belgium with only me behind the wheel.) 
However, this route to the hospital cuts through back waters, tiny narrow roads with room for one vehicle only, steep hills and sharp bends. It is the fastest route but to avoid the reversing to allow bigger boys to pass me I have learned to manipulate the sat nav better. Longer driving time, but a lot less intimidating. 

The study is still thrilling, we have just had our first exam. It was hard to develop a study method after all these years and maybe next time will be easier, but I hope I passed. 

As for the navel gazing and the moods. They continue. Flat as a pancake this weekend, but I still manage to DO things it is just takes a lot more effort and energy. Still wobbly about so many things, but am convinced that knowing there is something the matter and accepting it is a big step towards getting things sorted. 

On a really happy note, and there are always happy notes in a day, even a bleak, hard day...the knitting needles are out and I am making one of these...
in soft cream Aran weight yarn for a baby that may be on its way. The pattern is from this site. No rush to finish, this is just a wind down activity to be done at leisure. 

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