Thursday, 17 September 2009

Autumn Bliss

The air and light change subtly through the seasons and now in the mornings the sun hangs lower over the neighbours fence. The air is colder, and seems more sharp. Of course leaves are changing colour, more of a giveaway, but it is those tiny changes that I love best.
The first two winters here were hard. I hated the long dark days and the period when the ground was frozen and nothing grew. It is different now. We have had a great crop of fruit and veg this year and the soil, plants and trees now need to rest. I have planted up strawberry runners to over-winter, some fuschias and have taken seeds from sweet peas, and other annuals for next year.
In the long nights I want to sew and cook and read. A friend and I are going to start a sewing circle, just two of us! I want to learn to crochet so that I can make one of those lovely multi coloured rugs that my granny used to make... I also want to finish the quilts and use the sewing machine. It had its first run this week and behaved like a very old lady! Stopping and starting and dithering over stitches. By the end we got the motor really revving, so are hoping the next attempt will be better. Having said that it was a bit stop and go, I did get to downsize a double duvet cover for Em's new bed!!
Finally, the Autumn Bliss raspberry canes are providing fruit daily. I freeze them as I pick them so that we can make a vibrant dessert from them when things look a bit grey!

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