Thursday, 24 September 2009

More scraps

I love charity shops. More than antique shops! I was in the St Catherine's Hospice place the other day and noticed some glass storage jars. I like glass, because I like to see what is in them and it makes a food cupboard look more exciting if you can see orange lentils and brown sultanas and different shaped pasta. So I bought four! At £4.50 for the lot that is good value; one new one can cost more! Today I went to collect them and was having a further poke around. I look for jackets, shoes, bags, jewelry and in the curtains/fabric piles. Today I found a bag of tiny hexagon pieces stitched into flowers. They are beautiful colours and about 1/4 of the size of my pieces at home. The fabric is for soft furnishings, curtains etc and some of them are stunning. I snapped them up and counted about 35 of them when I got back to the office. Many are missing the centres and as the material is quite heavy, finishing this off might be more of a challenge than usual. But I have had an idea that these little pieces could form a centre piece for a larger quilt....mmmm

I also bought a great little mulberry coloured jacket that fits snugly and is a little feminine! All for £10.50. I love to get a bargain!

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