Saturday, 12 September 2009

What happened to August? 2

After Devon, the girls left for three weeks in Japan. They flew to Narita alone for the first time. A good experience for them both. We did not hear much from them, which is great, as they were having a wonderful time. Their father took them to Kyoto for a few days, a lovely but hot city to visit in the summer.
While they were away, John and I had a really blissful period with just the two of us. (Adam was around, but mostly out.) It is the longest we have been alone together since we met....makes you wonder how we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together with fleeting visits, emails and on line chatting!!

Anyway, August...

We met up with some of John's FCO friends in London. First time for me to meet the people he started his career with. A fun and liquid night.

Then we had friends around for a barbeque. Just four of us, but again, good food, wine and company.

We drove to Nottinghamshire for a weekend. (pics to follow when the camera comes back from Spain. It is there with Hannah at present). Lunch with a friend from LA then a joint 50th and 21st birthday party for a mother and son, Valerie and Greg, friends from Hong Kong. I met some of John's friends that he had promised were lovely and they were!

We spent the next day by a canal watching narrow boats coming through locks. What a life. I was on-line that night checking out narrow boat holidays!

Then back to EG and work....

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