Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Japan Matsuri 2009

This year marks 150 years of trade/relations between Japan and the UK and to celebrate, a festival (matsuri) was held in Spitalfields in London on Saturday. Emily and Hannah have hand made yukatas (summer kimonos - beautifully made by their grandmother) so they decided to wear them. Unfortunately for Hannah, her best friend's birthday party clashed time-wise, so in the end, Emily, her friend Caity and I went up to the city. Caity borrowed Hannah's yukata and they looked great. It was my first time to tie them into one and coincidentally, Mum S had called from Yokohama the night before. She gave me lots of advice about how to do it, but it is easier said than done! Anyway, you can see the result here.

Fab festival. So many stalls selling things like tako yaki, kara-age, dorayaki, beer, sake, was wonderful. Caity now says her favourite food is tako yaki! It was however, CROWDED, in true festival tradition. There were lots of performers and performances and noise.

I loved being able to talk in Japanese and to eat the food and have an ice cold beer with my brother who joined us.

The girls were constantly being asked to pose for photos and were interviewed by one TV crew...pity we don't know which one!

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