Tuesday, 15 September 2009

End of August

One of the tasks I had set during August was to get Hannah's room painted. Both girls complain that their rooms do not feel like their own, so it was time to make a mark.
Hannah chose green, a pale one for three walls and a darker one for one. It is almost a macha colour (green tea). The result was calming and as I did all the painting and it is the second room I have ever painted, it was pleasing to me too. I did learn how NOT to do certain things. Every day after work while the light was still good I painted. It was all done before the last weekend in the month.
We then scooted up to Whitley Bay for a long weekend. We took turns driving up on Friday night, but after 5 hours on the road we stopped at Scotch Corner for the night. The Scotch Corner Hotel has always appealed to John, but I have to say...well. First of all we were in the bowels of the hotel, the room was smelly with mold and the bed hard. The view was of a Biffa skipp overflowing with rubbish! We had a good laugh at it all but did wake fresher than if we had been on the road til midnight and they do a good breakfast.

I went out for coffee with John's mum when we got to the house and then had to have a rest! Not that she is hard going, but the night was going to be long....we went to a 50th birthday party of one of John's school mates.
Out in the country, located beside a pub(!), the house was lovely. The food was delivered by a fish and chip van and we had to line up and place our orders. Dessert was an ice-cream van, so we had 99's with sauce!
It was fun, with lots of dancing and drinking and some of us were a little delicate the next day.

On the Sunday we took John's parents out for lunch in the Scottish border country at a town called Yetholm http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/yetholm/yetholm/index.html We had a delicious shoulder of lamb with red cabbage, carrots and mashed pototoes, at the pub shown in the link here, but the meal would have fed two. John and I then took to the hills and climbed one of the crags to work off some of the calories. It was lovely up there, two of us, sky above and only the odd munching sheep around.
Back to EG on Monday, again both of us driving and just in time to move some of Hannah's furniture back into her room.

It was a brilliant month, we saw so many friends but we had lots of time together as well.

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