Friday, 1 January 2010


Happy New Year to all. Hope you were able to celebrate in the way that you liked. We had a quiet evening (after a long day shopping in London), with my brother, his girlfriend and the girls. We watched Shakespeare in Love, SUCH a good film even after more than four veiwings, and then watched the countdown in London with the fireworks at the London Eye. So very glad we were all here snug and warm.
Our day in London was a date for John and I and we shopped for clothes. It was not as crowded as we expected and we took lots of detours and back streets to cover the areas we wanted to see. We went to Liberty's of London, which is one of my all time favourite shops and I got inspired to make things again this year.
We ate in the Tokyo Diner, just love it in there and love it that I can talk to the staff and use Japanese.
This morning there is a rugby DVD on, John's early birthday present, so I excused myself and made this little bloke. He is about the size of an egg and his partner is half done already...I am making two of each of my critters.

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