Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Bunnies

I am out of bed ...yippee. It is so good to be dressed and up and being normal-ish again.
The snow still lies thick and falls intermittently, the wind is up, the country is paralysed if you believe the news...but it is beautiful. School and college have been cancelled for the last 3 days, fine as long as you are not doing GCSEs or A levels. I think my office has been closed for that long as well. No one answered when I rang this morning, at least.
The girls have been out in the snow everyday and it is great to see these teenage girls, being girls. Falling about in snow, sledging, snowballing and for hours on end.
Photos of both of mine, some friends and the snow bunny in our did not last long as someone used his head as a large snowball.

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