Friday, 29 January 2010

Hard habit to break

In the book by Duncan Bannantyne about starting a business, he recommended getting rid of the TV. His reason is simple. It wastes time. He claims he meets so many people who want to change their lives and who say they have no time. He then says if he asks the same people what they watched on TV last night, they can list the programs!! Had they not watched all that TV, there would have been more time.
I KNOW the man is right. I loved my first share flat when we had no TV. We talked and made things and it was great. Then the TV came and the relationships were put on hold. (I must point out here that I was agin the TV!)
I am guilty of the same. I sit at work feeling frustrated that I am not getting on with my projects and vow to do something when I get home. Then last night was a prime example of time wasting.
I cooked a great meal for John and I when I got home. Liver, red onions and gravy. Chorizo tossed in spinach, mushrooms, peas and we had left over mash!
Then we ate it in front of the TV (normally a family no no) and watched the box till 11. All the time my little crochet project was at my feet being ignored. No wonder I don't get things done.

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