Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bed and bug ridden

I have had a day in bed, the second working day of the year and finally both Adam and I succumbed to the dreaded bug that J has had for weeks. It was frustrating but useful. I get so bored being ill and fed up that I can't DO anything. So today, between naps I read most of Duncan Bannatyne's book Wake up and Change your Life. A book for those who want to start a business...love those sort of books and get such a kick out of reading them. Gets my head buzzing. I also started a penguin and a pig for the menagerie of amigurumi and wrote out my first pattern.
Annoyingly the Japanese computer seems to have a worm and it is useless. I need to get a new one, a second hand one even, but we need a Japanese computer for the girls and for me to do research on. And to write patterns on!
I am off back to bed soon but will no doubt toss and turn all night with all this energy.
More snow expected overnight and there is talk the schools may close. The BBC local forecast was for light snow in this area. No sign of it yet.

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