Monday, 25 January 2010

Dragging my feet

For some time I have wanted a new job. There is too much aggro in this one. But boy do I drag my feet. Then I get fed up when I do apply for something and do not even get a response. (Still waiting to hear from my most recent target!!)
The lastest is another admin job requiring a typing speed pf 60 wpm, minimum. I can manage about 45, BUT, I can do everything else they want and more. Why then do I not just write the cover letter instead of this blog and get my application out there? Is it a case of the devil I know?
Truth be told, it is hard work to sell oneself in a cover letter...they see that and the CV, but it is also easier not to and to tell myself my age is against me, or my experience etc.
By the end of today I need to have a letter in draft form That is my goal!

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